Picsart is a big creative platform where you can edit photos, videos, and design stuff. It has a tool called Picsart Photo & Video Editor, which helps you edit photos and videos by adding filters and cool effects. You can also share your creations on social media. The app is free to use, but you can buy extra stickers and graphics if you want.

Open your Picsart App. Click on the Plus (+) icon. Then click on Edit a Photo

Now, Select an image, that you want to edit.

You’ve got your photo loaded! Now you can change it however you like using Picsart. You can make it blurry or blend it with other images. With Picsart, you can do lots of cool stuff! Picsart has many tools to help you.

In the tools section, you’ll find things like cropping, shaping, and even making things disappear. You can also stretch, move, and adjust your picture in all sorts of ways.

The flip/rotate option is under the crop tool.

First, we’ll use the Crop tool to change the size of the picture. Then, we can adjust it to make it look just right. After that, click on the checkmark to save your changes. You can also flip the picture if you want.

Let’s try out the incredible effects on Picsart! There are lots of fun effects you can use in the Picsart app.

Loading will be started, and the BG will be removed from the image. You can change the background color. Can also apply some gradients. You can also change the ratio.

Loading will be started, and the BG will be removed from the image. You can change the background color. Can also apply some gradients. You can also change the ratio.

You can use Brushes in Picsart. Brushes are like different types of pens you can use to draw. There’s a simple brush that paints in one color. And there are fancy brushes too. To use a brush, just tap or drag it on your photo. Then you’ll see the design appear on your picture

Besides what we talked about, there are more things you can do with the Picsart app.

Another excellent tool in Picsart is the colour replacement feature. It’s great for people who take lots of pictures at once but want them to look different in their photo collection.

This tool lets you change colours in a picture. It’s handy if you want to change the colour of something in the picture, like clothes, to match the background. It’s also useful if you wish for someone in the picture to wear clothes that match a company’s colours.

With the colour replacement tool, you can easily make clothes match a logo or company’s colours. It’s a simple edit that looks really cool.

The AI-powered retouching tools in Picsart make it simple to improve portraits. Using the photo retouching tool, you can experiment with different hair colours, get rid of red eyes, whiten teeth, fix eye bags and imperfections, or apply cosmetics. A new HD Portrait tool is also available, allowing you to upgrade your portrait image. The new HD Portrait is ideal for restoring an old family photo.

When you’re learning how to edit photos, it’s essential to know how to make pictures blurry. Picsart makes it easy to blur your photos. Blurring helps you change what stands out in an image. You can blur the background to focus on something specific or blur a face to keep it private. 

There’s also motion blur, which makes things look like they’re moving, and radial blur, which makes things seem faster. Try out all the blur effects to see what works best for your photo and what you want to do with it.

One of the best things in a photo editor is batch editing. You can quickly change many photos at once. It’s great because it saves time. With batch editing, you can see all your edited pictures in one place. This is helpful for businesses and marketers who have lots of product photos to edit but little time. With batch editing, you can quickly make up to 50 images bigger, crop them, resize them, and add a watermark. You can also change the background fast.

Yes, PicsArt mod apk is free to download and use along with its additional features and content.

  • Open the PicsArt app and tap the “+” button to add a photo.
  • You’ll see a menu at the bottom with various editing tools, such as “Crop,” “Effects,” “Tools,” and “Text.” Swipe left/right to see all options.
  • Use “Crop” to adjust the photo size and “Effects” to add filters and artistic touches. “Tools” offers adjustments like brightness, contrast, and blur.
  • Play around with these tools and explore the “Draw” and “Stickers” options for more creative edits.
  • Once you’re happy, tap the “Save” or “Share” button.
  • AI features are spread throughout the app. Look for the “AI” symbol next to specific options.
  • Some examples include “AI Cutout” under the “Tools” menu for easy background removal.
  • You might also find “AI Effects” within the “Effects” menu, offering unique AI-powered filters.
  • Explore the app to discover more AI features as they may be constantly added.
  • After adding your photo, tap the “Layers” icon (two overlapping squares) at the top. This opens the Layers panel.
  • Tap the “+” button and choose “Add Photo” or “Add Text” to create new layers.
  • You can rearrange layers by dragging and dropping them in the Layers panel.
  • To add a mask, tap a layer and select “Mask.” Choose “Brush” or “Erase” to selectively hide or reveal parts of the layer.
  • Yes, PicsArt offers essential video editing tools. Tap the “+” button and select “Video.”
  • You can trim clips and add effects, transitions, music, and text.
  • While less robust than dedicated video editing apps, PicsArt allows for quick and easy video modifications.